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Celine Matthiessen covers market research.

Expertise: Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, Digital Media

Celine Matthiessen, BIA Advisory Services’ vice president of analysis and insights, develops the strategy, products and growth of the company’s proprietary Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) research of the marketing behaviors of small businesses as well as other custom data products that provide clients with tactical and strategic insights.

Celine has more than 20 years of experience in strategy, research and competitive intelligence. She collects and analyzes information from various primary and secondary sources for clients to anticipate competitive activities, see past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events.

Through detailed and concise analysis, Celine assists clients in entering new industries and markets, launching new services, and understanding market forces and future. She sets up and runs formal and informal competitive communications for clients’ sales teams to keep them informed and able to position against the competition to close deals. She helps clients’ product teams effectively price and position products in markets and provides support for their strategies and initiatives with BIA’s proprietary data. She also assists clients looking to purchase, invest or partner in the local space through her due diligence and market knowledge.

Previously, Celine served as group manager of competitive intelligence at SuperMedia (Dex Media), where she established and managed a formal competitive intelligence department that supported the needs of a 4,000-member sales force and more than 500 employees in marketing, strategy, sales training, IT, business development and investor relations. As principal of Red Leaf Consulting, she managed a successful consulting business, performing on-demand, customized business and competitive intelligence for clients in the biotechnology, consumer electronics, medical, Internet, telecommunications, advertising, consumer packaged goods and design industries.

Celine is also the founder and executive leader of Women LEADING IN LOCAL that is specifically for women in the industries of media, advertising and marketing. The purpose of the group is to give women who attend BIA/Kelsey conferences and other trade conference additional opportunities to network, learn and for professional development.

Celine holds a Master of Information Science from Dominican University and a Bachelor of Arts from Knox College.

Fun Facts

In her non-work time, she coaches and mentors a volleyball team of amazing sixth and seventh grade girls. She wears a T-shirt with the nickname the girls picked for her, “Ole Yeller.”

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