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Getting inside the mind of today’s savvy advertisers.

The changing operational and marketing needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), brands and franchisors has a direct impact on what they want to spend and how they want to allocate their dollars to reach their customers.

Our research sheds light on the marketing and advertising trends of advertisers to help media and technology companies determine compelling advertising solutions.

Our research shows that SMBs view Facebook, Twitter and their own web assets as more important today than ever before. It also reveals that SMBs will continue to allocate more and more of their marketing budget in these directions.

Brands, on the other hand, are focused on data driven metrics and stacked programmatic buys to augment their traditional approaches.

We work with a broad range of clients to deliver customized insights around the marketing and advertising trends of advertisers.

Our findings are based on our Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) survey that has tracked SMB advertising likes, dislikes, trends and views for 20 years, providing valuable insights into emerging and accelerating trends. For brands and franchisors, we offer specialized research and consulting engagements to direct their efforts effectively.

We help businesses capitalize on emerging opportunities to engage advertisers successfully.

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Selling Advertising to Small Businesses

The Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) report, Selling Advertising to Small Businesses, examines the opportunity and preferences of SMBs in using sales or other selling channels. This 32 page report includes 16 charts and 5 pages of commentary on: Most important attributes of a media or sales representative Preference for do-it-yourself vs. assisted online advertising Preference for…

Plus Spender SMBs TRENDS – LCM Wave 21

The Plus Spender Trend Report details data from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) survey of small businesses that spend more than $25,000 a year on marketing and advertising. Included in this 47-page report is key data on the usage and ROI small businesses expect from: Online advertising (e.g., search, display ads, blogs) Traditional advertising (e.g.,…

Small Businesses Advertising & Marketing Trends – LCM Wave 21 (Q3/2017)

The report, Small Businesses Advertising & Marketing Trends – LCM Wave 21 (Q3/2017), offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of the full 30-minute survey from all 1,000 small business respondents (key marketing decision makers in the businesses). The comprehensive deck covers the following areas and more: Advertising channels used, not used and want to use in the future Spend…

U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016

Twice a year, BIA/Kelsey publishes a forecast that provides a complete overview of U.S. local advertising. The forecast for 2016, U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016, offers a five-year national overview of total U.S. spending in local markets and market-based advertising revenue estimates for twelve media. Purchase Report Purchase ReportU.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2016 Who Should…

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