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Programmatic ad exchanges — highly scaleable methods for automating ad campaigns in order to determine the right ad to serve to the right consumer at the right price — have become the talk of the digital advertising world. But how do they relate to local?

The impact of programmatic on the local space has been significant and far ranging. Programmatic exchanges are helping to eliminate inefficiencies of local media and its unwieldy number of smaller, often overlapping properties. Moreover, the combination of sophisticated data analytics and automation helps marketers efficiently buy locally targeted impressions at scale.

In this Insight Paper, BIA/Kelsey offers a primer on programmatic exchanges and covers emerging trends in local targeting as well as implications for legacy sales teams. This is the first in a series of reports that examines the emerging world of programmatic advertising.

The marketer’s dream is to drive conversions by delivering ads that are targeted with a high degree of precision. That dream is getting closer to reality. Programmatic and automation techniques and practices eliminate many of the inefficiencies, errors and opportunity costs that come with dozens of dashboards used to plan, buy/sell, execute and evaluate campaigns.

BIA/Kelsey, Report Author

Why You Should Read ‘Defining the Local Stake in Programmatic Advertising’

Though it may appear dauntingly complex, programmatic advertising greatly simplifies the provisioning, purchasing and optimization of digital advertising for marketers by harnessing the power of big data.

Once thought of as the domain of low-value remnant auctions, programmatic currently accounts for a large and growing percentage of the ad spend across display, mobile, social, and other media channels, with an emerging focus on premium inventory such as video.

Local marketers and publishers need to understand the potential of programmatic to bring a wider variety of advertising opportunities to local businesses, as well as its ability to focus national and regional campaigns on local consumers.

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Defining the Local Stake in Programmatic Advertising

Who Should Read This Report:

  • Executives at marketing and advertising agencies
  • Executives at technology companies selling ad solutions to SMBs, multi-location businesses and national brands
  • Investors assessing future opportunities in the local ad space
  • Anyone who follows the development of local media advertising models
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