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From mobilizing salesforces and teams to improve day-to-day operations to advising C-Suites on big picture strategies, to helping companies understand digital trends, we’re here to help businesses thrive.

Clients rely on BIA to:

  • Get a reliable sense of local media opportunities and threats.
  • Examine local ad spending across digital and traditional media for local TV and Radio markets.
  • Understand emerging media technologies and trends.
  • Track economic impacts on local advertising and the effects on business vertical ad spend.
  • Develop strategies and tactics for sales and marketing.
  • Determine the value of media companies and assets.

BIA is a trusted third-party resource that uses proven forecasting and research methodologies, which make us the most relied upon, trusted analyst-driven firm focused on local media.

We see ourselves as YOUR trusted advisor and will work hard to give you actionable recommendations and services that assist your efforts to make grounded, business decisions.

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