BIA ADVantage
Realize local advertising revenue

BIA ADVantage™ is the leading local advertising intelligence platform for business and sales success.

BIA ADVantage™ delivers powerful data visualizations, expert insights and analysis on local advertising revenue by market, media and business vertical.

With BIA ADVantage, Clients are successfully sizing local market opportunities, identifying vertical advertising opportunities, developing effective sales campaigns, improving budgeting, and, most importantly, growing local revenue.

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Latest Forecast in BIA ADVantage

“BIA ADVantage helps us prepare to see a client, helps us tell our story, and hear their story.”

– Top TV Broadcast Group, Local Market General Manager  

“BIA ADVantage provides invaluable vertical alerts that allow us to identify opportunities for my market. Using the forecasted ad spend, I can show clients where investments will be beneficial and keep them competitive against similar businesses.”

VP Local Sales, Top TV Broadcast Group

“The information in BIA ADVantage’s political forecast about CTV/OTT ad spend was perfection.”

Major OTT Company, Head of Marketing 

“The political forecasts in BIA ADVantage are incredibly helpful in educating our local investment, planning and client teams as to the local nuances and impact of political spending.”

– Top Agency, EVP Local Activation 

Delivering Easy Access to BIA’s U.S. Local Ad Forecast for Local Markets, Media, and Business Verticals

BIA ADVantage delivers easy access to BIA’s ad forecast data for every local television and radio market. The platform provides data visualizations to help interpret and use BIA data. Click on the screenshots below to see ADVantage in action.

    U.S. Local Advertising Data in BIA ADVantage:

    • Five-year advertising forecasts for 16 media- 8 traditional and 8 digital.
    • Estimates of the local advertising split by 16 media platforms for 96 business verticals (i.e., Tier 1 – Auto Manufacturers, home centers, hospitals, commercial banks, online gambling, QSRs, lawyers, plumbers, dentists, political, and more).
    • Estimates of local online/digital/mobile advertisers, including Google, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Bing and Pandora.
    • Vertical revenue forecasts and strategic selling alerts.
    • Year-over-Year growth/declines for media and business verticals by dollar and percentage.
    • Partner data from AdImpact (monthly political ad spend for key media) and SalesFuel (consumer spending survey and impact of digital advertising.)

      Insights & Analysis in BIA ADVantage

      Advertising reports

      Detailed ad spending within verticals and analyzing digital trends.

      Opportunity reports

      Local selling insights offering sales strategies for timely opportunities.  

      Vertical alerts

      Quick assessment of vertical advertising spend along with local sales strategies.

      Private Client Briefings

      Direct access to BIA’s analyst team for quarterly discussions.

      Weekly emails

      Regular analysis, quick links to data/insights, and more.  

      Local Television and Radio Data

      • TV and radio market revenues (OTA, digital and TV Retransmission fees).
      • Local market station competition and revenue
      • Station directory and multicast stations
      • Local market demographic data such as ethnic populations, household incomes, per capita income, retail sales, average, population.
      • Let me know if you need another bullet to make it even! – yep!

      Benefits of BIA ADVantage


      • Define the addressable market within a local market by business vertical, media channel,
      • Examine vertical ad spend to identify potential revenue.
      • Understand the impact of spending across media channels to determine where to get competitive share of wallet


      • Identify verticals where share of wallet can be increased
      • Strategize digital opportunities.
      • Identify revenue generation opportunities to stay competitive.


      • Engage prospects as a local expert and share data on verticals to recommend sales and marketing programs.
      • Use forecast and vertical ad spend details to prepare sales plans.
      • Use insights and analysis to help advertisers understand opportunities.

      Case Studies

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      Top TV Broadcast Group, Local Market General Manager

      Major OTT Company, Head of Marketing

      Top Agency, EVP Local Activation

      How to Subscribe

      Yearly subscriptions are available for BIA ADVantage.

      Subscribers choose a local TV or Radio market(s) or a nationwide view of all TV markets. A subscription provides full access to BIA Services that include our US Local Advertising Forecasts, well-respected analyst team, and expert insights and analysis.


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