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Author/Big Thinker Steven Johnson to Kick Off BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE

by | Feb 29, 2016 | BIA, Blog, Conferences

Best selling author Steven Johnson will open BIA/Kelsey’s upcoming ENGAGE event with a look at what sets true innovators apart from mere mortals.

Johnson’s headline talk will be an appropriate kick off for ENGAGE, which takes place May 16-18 in Austin, TX, and will focus exclusively on how to innovate and execute in the Local Commerce Universe.

Johnson is a leading thinker on innovation and author of nine books, including “How We Got to Now: Six Innovations that Made the Modern World”, “Future Perfect” and “Where Good Ideas Come From”. Johnson also hosted the series, “How We Got to Now” based on the book, which aired on PBS and the BBC. He also created the website “How We Get to Next” which showcases innovation.

Below is a clip from a TED Talk Johnson gave based on the themes of “Where Good Ideas Come From.”

Keep an eye out for more announcements of BIA/Kelsey ENGAGE featured speakers in the coming days and weeks.