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Attend an upcoming BIA webinar or view our library of on-demand webinars covering topics from advanced TV, programmatic, voice search, industry forecasts, media usage trends, sales transformation, local media investments, FCC auctions, call monetization, national networks and more.

Featured Webinars

The State of Media Sales Survey Results 2023

Every year, media sales professionals share their top priorities, challenges, and expectations for the year ahead in the State of Media Sales Survey, co-sponsored by SalesFuel and BIA.

In its 12th edition, this year’s survey boasts the highest number of respondents to deliver detailed insights valuable for planning, training, budgeting, and managing. Plus, the results show there is a (fairly) high level of optimism for the year even amid recession concerns.

Get key findings from the survey in a webinar co-hosted by BIA and SalesFuel. The agenda covered the following topics:

  • How much media sellers expect revenues to INCREASE this year.
  • Areas of opportunities and challenges.
  • Verticals that have potential and ones that are concerning.
  • The shift to digital and the effect on selling and revenue.
  • Selling traditional media in today’s environment.

This webinar is valuable for media sellers in television, radio, cable, digital or print.

Download the webinar

Winning Local Media Strategies: Top Recession-Proof Opportunities for 2023

A potential recession is on the mind of almost everyone. As local sellers set budgets and make plans for next year, the uncertainty is concerning. But its impact on local advertising revenue doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. There are always verticals that are more resilient during a recession if you know where to look – and adjust your sales tactics accordingly.

View this webinar to see BIA and SalesFuel look ahead to 2023 to identify some of the top recession-proof opportunities. A few of the verticals we’ll put through a recession-proof filter include Healthcare, Repair Stores, and Technology.

PDF of Slide Deck | Webinar On-Demand

Winning Local Media Strategies: Out-of-Home Opportunities

In the local advertising marketplace, one channel is worth noticing this year: Out-of-Home (OOH). Recent data points speak to the recovery this channel is experiencing post pandemic and the growth over the last year:

  • BIA’s forecast estimates the channel will grow 8.4% year-over-year, which is up 25% from drastic declines in 2020
  • The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reported in August that OOH ad revenues in the second quarter of 2022 have nearly reached 2019 levels.

View this webinar as BIA and SalesFuel examine this channel and identify opportunities for local sellers. View On-Demand.

2022 Winning Local Media Series: Over-The-Top (OTT)

This webinar focused on the rapid growth of and the adoption of OTT local advertising. Both BIA and SalesFuel shared data and insights for tracking ad spend growth and compared OTT to other leading media channels.

The webinar also covered winning revenue in verticals that have strong local OTT spending, to include Hospitals, Dentists, Colleges & Universities, Legal, and Real Estate.

View the slide deck | View on-demand

2022 Winning Local Media Sales

Looking for the best opportunities in your local markets this year? Wondering which business verticals are going to spend the most on digital in 2022? Want to know what media channels verticals will favor? BIA and SalesFuel will regularly address these questions this year during the new series: 2022 Winning Local Media Sales.

Our kickoff webinar offered key insights into:

  • The 2022 ad spend pie
  • Split between digital and traditional advertising
  • Key opportunities and strategies for winning revenue in verticals that have strong local implications (Finance, Retail, Leisure, and Auto) plus Political.

PDF of Slide Deck | Webinar On-Demand

Paradigm Shifts in Local Video Advertising: Audience Building, Targeting, and Measurement

The local video market has been upended by pandemic-induced consumer media changes. BIA examined the expectations for 2022 during the webinar, Paradigm Shifts in Local Video Advertising: Audience Building, Targeting, and Measurement.

Rick Ducey, BIA’s Managing Director, examined the local video marketplace and shared BIA’s ad forecast for 2022. Along with Mitch Oscar, Director of Advanced TV Strategy at USIM, Ducey also hosted a comprehensive Q&A session with an expert panel to answer questions about audience building and targeting, and measurement.

PDF of Slide Deck | Webinar On-Demand

2021 Local Digital Event Series: The State of Media Sales

The November installment of the Local Digital Event Series hosted by BIA and SalesFuel examined the results from the State of Media Sales in 2021, layered with BIA’s local advertising estimates for 2022.

BIA reported that 2021 is showing a strong recovery from the 2020 COVID dip and that total advertising revenue for 2022 could top $161B. This positive revenue news was reflected in the survey results. Please review the webinar materials provided below to see the survey insights related to revenue, local sales, challenges and opportunities.

PDF of Slide Deck | Webinar On-Demand

Looking Ahead into the Local OTT/CTV Marketplace

More than a quarter (28%) of total TV viewing time in August 2021 was to OTT/CTV beating out broadcast TV (24%) according to Nielsen. The consensus is that pandemic-induced media changes including more OTT/CTV viewing and subscriptions largely are here to stay. The local market for OTT/CTV includes offers by the major TV groups focused on news and sports and aggregating local OTT impressions to create a more efficient marketplace for local and regional buyers.

In this webinar, BIA will released its updated Local OTT ad forecast for 2021-2022, including some of the top business vertical spending. We also looked into selling local OTT audience, viewing trends and OTT attribution.

Webinar On-Demand | PDF of Slide Deck

More Eyes on OTT and Its Expansion

BIA continues its exploration of the burgeoning trends, opportunities, and impediments in the advanced TV realm through our continuing Over-The-Top (OTT) series.

On Wed., July 28 we held our sixth OTT webinar: More Eyes on OTT and Its Expansion. We focused on key OTT issues including addressability, reach extension, frequency capping, de-duplication, and campaign attribution.

In particular, we examined how linear TV and connected TV platforms are empowering buyers with actionable insights and capabilities along with attributable outcomes. Plus, why TV is becoming a much more powerful competitor to digital.

Webinar On-Demand | PDF of Slides

Online Gambling and the Promise of Incremental Ad Revenue

The ability to drive revenue around Online Gambling in local markets may deliver a much-appreciated windfall of local advertising revenue to media sellers this year.

BIA and Nielsen examined the opportunity during the webinar, Online Gambling and the Promise of Incremental Ad Revenue. The discussion revealed growth estimates for the next two years, DMAs generating the most Online Gambling ad dollars, importance of TV advertising for Online Gambling services, and the genres & programs garnering the largest share of Online Gambling ad dollars.

View this webinar to hear the latest insights & intelligence to drive your share of this fast-growing advertising category.

Webinar On-Demand | Slide Deck | Online Gambling Ad Spend Report 2021

All Eyes on OTT - Breakout Media Category in 2021

Aired: Apr 1, 2021 

Media companies and advertisers with deep interest in streaming services, apps and platforms are closely watching Over-the-Top (OTT) TV this year. BIA is monitoring OTT, too, and forecasting that $1.2 billion will be spent this year targeting local OTT TV audiences, up 18.7 percent from just a year ago.

Get an update on OTT by viewing BIA’s webinar, All Eyes on OTT – Breakout Media Category in 2021.

Webinar On-Demand | PDF of Slide Deck

2021 Local Digital Event Series: Road Trips

Aired Tues, March 23, 21

According to a recent travel industry study, millennials and higher income travelers are the groups ready to return to traveling and lead the travel recovery in 2021. AARP also said that more than 50% of boomers plan on traveling in 2021.

By viewing this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The sub-verticals that will spend ad dollars to lure visitors, so you can focus on what’s most important
  • Current market trends and second-half 2021 projections, so you can set benchmarks for your local team(s)
  • Tactical recommendations that your media sellers and digital marketers can use
  • Digital selling strategies so you can power up your local sales teams.

On-Demand Webinar | PDF of Slide Deck 

State of Esports and Gaming in 2021

Aired: Thur, Feb. 4, 2021

This webinar focused on why esports continues to be a bust-out category in sports programming, and how local franchises are developing ad models to generate revenue.

This informative webinar brought together industry executives from MAGNAGlobal, Rival, Samsung Ads, Simulmedia, and YouGov.

PDF of slide deck | Webinar On-Demand

New Year, New Revenue: Top 10 Verticals for Ad Spend and Growth in 2021

Aired: Tue, Jan 26, 2021 

In the webinar, New Year, New Revenue, BIA and SalesFuel outlined local digital insights for 10 verticals you can use immediately for sales planning.

The webinar covered the overall ad spend pie for 2021 and analyzed local digital opportunities for the Auto, Home Services, Healthcare, Financial/Insurance and Restaurant verticals.

PDF of slide deck | Webinar On-Demand

OTT Ecosystem Players Discuss Market Directions

Aired: Tue, Oct 27, 2020 

Over-the-Top (OTT) promises the power of the TV set for advertising amplified by the targeting, optimization and attribution from digital advertising. It is a fast growing part of the media mix. Successful execution requires compelling content, first and third party data, metrics and measurement, inventory pricing and workflow management.

In this webinar, BIA will highlights its new OTT forecast, which includes political spending, and offer insights into growth areas and opportunities. Our expert panelists will assessed the current state of the OTT marketplace and discussed priorities to drive future success.

PDF of slide deck | Webinar On-Demand

Selling Auto: Q4 and 2021 Local Advertising Opportunities

Date: Wed. Sept. 23, 2020

Get comprehensive analysis of local revenue opportunities for automotive advertising. Focusing on the remainder of 2020 and the start of next year, this webinar provides an ad forecast and actionable perspectives related to how auto advertisers are spending across media.

Watch Now

Accelerating 4th Quarter Revenue: Planning for 2021

Air Date: Tues. August 18, 2020

This webinar focuses on the best ways to accelerate ad revenue in the latter part of this year and how to best prepare for next year. The discuss covers these areas:

  1. Current status of the economy, advertising and ad revenue potential
  2. Business verticals with best opportunities and the media getting ad dollars
  3. Actionable steps to take across your business and/or broadcast groups to help your local sellers drive revenue

Watch On-Demand Video | View the Presentation

U.S. Local Radio: State of the Industry Now and 2021

Air Date: Tues. July 14, 2020

As local economies move into their phased re-openings, consumers are increasing their rate of spending intentions for businesses in different verticals. BIA examined what this means for local Radio during this webinar.

Watch this webinar for an assessment local Radio ad revenue, to hear about how audio trends are creating new opportunities and to get sales training tactics for approaching different business verticals.

Watch the webinar now: On-Demand Webinar (video)
View the Slide Deck (PDF)

Addressable TV in Local and Network Markets

Air Date: Wed. July 29, 2020

The discussion analyzed current broadcast and cable TV network and local MVPD forays into the addressable TV national realm. In this context, “addressability” is defined as, “delivering the right ad to the right target to maximize receptivity while a consumer is viewing his/her favorite program, which in theory, should lead to greater ROI.

Speakers included Tom Ziangas, SVP Media and Research Insights, Chris Pizzurro, VP Global Sales, Canoe Ventures and Larry Allen,  VP Addressable and Enablement at Comcast and Comscore’s Prasad Joglekar, SPV/GM TV Cross-Platform Products. The group spoke both to the desirable ROI of addressability but also the challenges of using panel and device population estimates to track ad inventory served to addressable households versus the unaddressed inventory. Ultimately, progress to date has been impressive but the industry still has much left to accomplish.

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Selling Digital Marketing Services to Local Businesses

Hosted: Wed June 24, 2020

Company decision makers want to be approached by informed salespeople that understand their line of business and relevant ideas to help them increase revenue. This webinar examined how to prepare to sell local digital marketing by examining 5 key factors like company types, ad preferences, demographics, verticals and selling strategies.

Broadcast executives Stephanie Slagle from Graham Media Group and Mike Hartel from Alpha Media both shared digital success stories.

Webinar links:

Speakers included:

  • Stephanie Slagle, Senior Director, Brand & Agency Sales Strategy, Graham Media Group
  • Mike Hartel, Chief Revenue Officer, Alpha Media
  • Lisa Rigsby, Sales Strategist, SalesFuel
  • Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services

Esports in the Age of COVID

This webinar covered business, measurement, current status and expectations about esports. One big takeaway is that from a local perspective, esports is a promising new platform to drive incremental advertising revenue.

BIA appreciates the tremendous knowledge shared by our speakers, including:

For your continued engagement on this topic, here are quick links to the webinar materials:

Next Steps

Esports is becoming more broadly accepted as a legitimate media platform with high growth spending potential in paid media advertising, as well as sponsorships from leagues, teams, venues and distributors. BIA is here to help you assess the opportunity. Contact us at if you’d like to set up a time to talk strategies.

Navigating the Local Advertising Marketplace During the Pandemic (April 7, 2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a major effect on the local advertising landscape. During this webinar, BIA and SalesFuel offered media sellers guidance and advice on the effect of the crisis on local ad sales and how different verticals like Legal, Financial Services and Home Improvement are offering opportunities.

Business authority Jeffrey Hayzlett contributed his experiences on how to maintain business continuity during market disruptions.

Watch Webinar Video | View Presentation | Webinar Analysis

Jeffrey Hayzlett Videos: Economic Commentary | “Five Keeps” for Looking Ahead

Complimentary Research:

eSports Evolution – Where We Are and What’s Next

Immersive cross-platform screen experiences, interactivity, and real-world passion of major league sports fans has spawned the exploding esports marketplace. Even as major league sports events sometimes face challenges with TV ratings, esports audiences are rising to equal and even exceeding traditional linear TV audiences.

What’s the opportunity for local media companies to drive new forms of revenue in this marketplace?

Goldman Sachs estimates that while local revenue (e.g., ticketing, concessions, merchandise, regional media rights) generates 54% of revenue for traditional sports, the local component of esports is “under-monetized relative to its audience potential.”

BIA dives into the world of esports with leading experts from Activision Blizzard, Esport Advertising Bureau, ESL -Turtle Entertainment and MRI Simmons. Watch the webinar on-demand to get an inside seat to see what is driving this market and the implications for local activation.

Local Impact Webinar Series

Sample Heading

To determine the best strategies and tactics for local sales, marketing and product development, BIA engaged with expert speakers to examine the $150+ billion locally targeted advertising marketplace in our Local Impact webinar series.

Watch the webinars on-demand: 

Eyeing Voice Search and Other Top Advertiser Spend Intentions

Local as a Service (Laas): Brands Going Local

Share of Ad Wallet – Five Predictions for 2019

Sales Enablement: Recruitment, Technology Implementation & Coaching

Quarterly Advanced TV Webinars

Sample Heading

OTT/CTV, attribution, and digital sales each present opportunities for traditional media and pure plays as they vie for local media budgets.

During BIA’s quarterly Advanced TV Update Webinar, held Tues., Dec, 11, an expert panel discussed the impact of advanced TV sales on the buying and selling of commercial TV inventory and how to maximize ROI for both the media seller and ad agencies/marketers.

Executives speakers included:
  • Brian Hunt, Head of OTT/CTV Advertising Sales, Sinclair
  • Jo Kinsella, Chief Revenue Officer & EVP, TVSquared
  • Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB
  • Jon Sumber, VP, Digital Sales, Hearst
  • Jim Wilson, President, Premion, TEGNA

Watch Webinar Video | View Webinar Deck

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