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FCC databases and public notices can be difficult to monitor. BIA FLAG automates monitoring and searching.

BIA FLAG automates the work required to monitor applications, station(s) and geographical area(s) at the FCC.

The FLAG Service expertly monitors the databases at the FCC including LMS, CDBS and the Public Notice items. Each week, BIA FLAG generates a report detailing all recent activities that impact monitored stations and geographic areas.

FCC databases can be difficult to navigate and use. BIA invests significant resources to stay in lockstep with the FCC’s database architecture to ensure our FLAG service brings you find the most up to date TV, AM/FM station information.

Simple to set up and use, BIA FLAG automates the monitoring and searching of FCC databases and public notices.

Clients receive a weekly report detailing all recent FCC activities. Reports can easily be shared with colleagues or clients.

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With FLAG, monitor:

  • Application number
  • Call signs
  • Facility ID
  • Frequency
  • Application service
  • Application status and owner/licensee name
Who uses FLAG?
  • Broadcasters use BIA FLAG to monitor activity affecting their stations and track the competition as they prepare to purchase, sell, or upgrade facilities.
  • Law firms use BIA FLAG to automate the monitoring/tracking of client facilities and applications. FLAG gives lawyers the opportunity to help their clients decide if and when any action on their part would be necessary or beneficial. Early notification allows timely filings of objections.
Use the information you receive from FLAG to:
  • Identify opportunities for facility and signal improvement.
  • Track activities of competitive in-market stations.
  • Find potential allocation conflicts and evaluate changes.
  • Detect city of license changes or license cancellations.
  • Improve and protect facility signals.
  • Notifying clients of changes that affect their stations.
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