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Local Competition Report

It’s an extremely competitive environment among national, regional and local media players with everyone embracing both traditional and digital advertising and marketing platforms. Track all your competitors with BIA’s Local Competition Report – a unique report providing local advertising estimates for TV, radio and major online companies that target local markets.

Do you wonder about your local competition?
BIA’s Local Competition Report answers all the questions you have about local advertising competitors.
Developed for individual local markets, each Local Competition Report contains the following information:

Details competitive spend in television, radio, newspaper, mobile and desktop/online

Delivers local advertising estimates for the following major online companies targeting local markets:

Explains local sales channel advertising revenue distribution:

Why Buy

The Local Competition Report provides data-grounded insights your company needs to:

  • Stay competitive
  • Determine revenue generation activities
  • Drive strategic thinking around sales and product development
Who Should Read

CROs, EVP/SP Sales, CMOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, VP Pricing and Yield Management at traditional and digital media companies.

Report Content in the Local Competition Report includes:
  • Nationwide Estimates
  • Top Ten Billers
  • Mobile Advertising Revenue
  • Combined (Mobile + Desktop/Online) Digital Advertising Revenue
  • Sales Channel Advertising Revenue Distribution
  • Combined Traditional & Digital Local Advertising Competition – Actual $
  • Combined Traditional & Digital Local Advertising Competition – Percent Breakout
  • Top Online/Desktop and Mobile Billers
  • Local Over-the-Air Television, Radio and Newspaper Competition

Reports are available for every U.S. local market. Click to view more details like the TOC, data screenshots and more.

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