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Download our free guide on why the local advertising and marketing industry must and can enable stronger foundational standards to successfully transition to data-driven planning.

There’s a dramatic shift underfoot for media companies, advertisers, agencies. Incredible technology advancements are driving new levels of data-driven audience planning and buying. Precise audience targeting is becoming the preferred metric for all advertising investments. These changes are causing traditional and digital stakeholders to seek more definitive business rules and guidance to shape products and services for survival.

To be successful, the foundation for these decisions must be validated by local market advertising and media stakeholders.

How can the industry accelerate its efforts toward better data-driven audience planning?

BIA/Kelsey is dedicated to enabling this important discussion in 2016. Our goal is to help the industry accelerate its path to successful outcomes. To get the conversation going, we invite you to read our free paper on this important subject. The report, authored by our Executive-in-Residence, Maribeth Papuga, offers a powerful, strategic perspective based on her 25 years of media, marketing and advertising experience.

Read the complimentary report now to gain insight and perspective on:

  • How disruptive ideas and technology trends are affecting the industry.
  • How the advertising industry can effectively realign to use local market data as a principle driver for development.
  • How marketers can define robust target segments by using comprehensive audience traits that define their customers.
  • How stakeholders can define solutions to convert existing measurement models to a data-driven hybrid solution, and for managing expectations along the way.

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